PHOTO 280 Portfolio


Surfing is in the heart.


I took this for my PHOTO 312 class portfolio. I saw how happy and content this surfer was, so I watched as he made it out to shore, and he looked like he was surfing with his heart.

The beauty of not knowing what comes next.


I took this photo for my PHOTO 312 class for my portfolio. This is one of my favorite photos because I captured her off guard, in the beauty of not knowing, I was taking her picture. With photography, you are capturing life’s precious moments.

Her Eyes

Hery Eyes new size

Every person has a story to be told. They want to tell it, but they don’t know how to let all the pain and hurt come out without breaking sown in tears. There is pain and sadness beneath every person. Don’t be afraid to look in someone’s eyes and read their story. Don’t be scared to let them know your story.